Project/Visio Download and Activation Guide

Downloading Program

1 – Download from the direct links below, double click and Setup

Activation Steps

  1. Open the program
  2. Click File –> Click Account –> Activate with Key –> Paste the Key –> Activate –> Done

I have received 0xC004C008 Error!

  1. If you receive Error 0xC004C008, we will go with what Microsoft suggests that we think its an error and we want to activate with phone. However, we won’t need to do any phone calls thanks to our developers team who turned this into a sample copy and paste process.
  2. Press Back -> Choose Second Choice (Activate By Phone) -> Type the Step 2 : Installation ID in next field -> Get the Confirmation ID
  3. [get-cid]
  4. Copy the Confirmation ID in the step 3 : Confirmation ID in Office Activation Window –> Next –> Done

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