Windows Retail Full Activation Guide


  • Make sure that Windows Version is identical to yours (Home, Pro, Pro N)
  • It’s always better to use you license on clean uncracked installation as cracks might cause unexpected results.

Activation Guide

  1. Press (Start)
  2. Search for Activation Settings
  3. Activate with the Key
  4. DONE

I have received 0xC004C008 Error!

  1. If you receive Error 0xC004C008, we will go with what Microsoft suggests that we think its an error and we want to activate with phone. However, we won’t need to do any phone calls thanks to our developers team who turned this into a sample copy and paste process.
  2. You can press on Activate By Phone which will appear in the bottom of Activation Screen, or follow the next step if Activate by Phone button doesn’t appear.
  3. Press (Start) –> Run –> Type (SLUI04) –> Choose any Country –> Type the Installation ID in the Field Below and Get the Confirmation ID
  4. [get-cid]
  5. Copy the Confirmation ID in the Activation Settings Windows –> Next –> Done

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